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If you are interested.

Is this used athletic apparel?

  • Tony

    I was hoping to find a deal on some used jockstraps.

  • Duhwayne

    Omg creep factor 10.

    So can the guy who loves female gymnastics a little too much buy the leotard in the same size as that one extra petite gymnast? Will go great on the doll.

    (I expect it is new and extra stuff. The football team has ballin designs that never make it to stores. Whitt’s parka from the bowl game was badass.)

  • Johnny
    2 3

    I would reckon because the Mormon Mafia is trying to shut down University of Utah apparel stores, it’s forcing the sword to have apparel parties.


    I’m down.

    • Chidojuan

      Who told you that?

      Image result for james gandolfini


      • Johnny

        Someone at a Kmart Blue Light Special in 1984.