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so thats why the Boyd fumble that was actually an incompletion wasnt

even reviewed. Replay booth probably buzzed down a review and the third party just said no. Easier to hide the corruption that way


  • BattleGroundUte

    I don’t get it? This isn’t referenced to the Gustin no call? Or just sort of connected in a way?

  • HoosierUte

    Not sure who Peter Thame is, but if this is true it is a really big deal. He is saying that the officials on the field and the officials at the Pac-12 command center agreed that call on the field was correct and targeting. Some “third-party” was able to intervene and overrule both of them and force the call to be changed to no-targeting. 

  • Thlete

    The conspiracy theorist in me feels so validated with this report. The fan in me is so sad that this corruption is true. Larry Scott must be fired, there is no other answer. 

  • Tony

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  • GameForAnyFuss

    From what I’ve read, it sounds like the PAC12 employs an unofficial official at games involving “playoff candidate” teams to ensure that they get favorable treatment so as to bolster the PAC12’s chances at a playoff spot. 

    Obviously this is beyond the pale and Larry Scott should be done.