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Dolce or Mitchell

This is a pretty lame question, but I was curious about it.  And It may have been discussed here previously, sorry if it has.  Listening to the radio for a bit at lunch and I heard Dolce on AM 1280.  Did Bill Riley get tired of him? Did Dolce get more money from 1280? I haven’t listened to a game, is Mitchell better than the Human Detour?  The things I think about after a convincing win!


  • UtahUtesRock

    Dolce. Dolce was replaced before he started his new gig at 1280.

    • BattleGroundUte

      Mitchell does a good job. I like a little mix up after awhile. Dolce sounded a bit full of himself at times. 

  • Central Coast Ute

    I honestly couldn’t stand Dolce and Riley together. It’s easier to listen to Mitchell and Riley. 

  • Tony

    I rarely tune into the radio broadcast when watching Utah football so I can’t really say. 

  • alharmon

    Dolce 100%

    • Hammer

      Dolce 200%

  • UteThunder

    I don’t listen to the radio broadcast other than some soundbites that might get paired with some video highlights. That said, from what I’ve seen & heard of them as analysts on radio and tv, Dolce is head and shoulders above Mitchell. Dolce sounds like a real analyst who does his homework. Mitchell sounds like a former player who got bored. 

  • COFfrom83
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    anyone who goes to the station broadcasting kinnihack is dead to me. Mitchell by default. And how can you go against a guy who trounced the zoo in ’88 when we had no right to even be on the same field?