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    2015-2016 BBall Schedule

    Maybe post the schedule here.

  • GadValleyUte

    Looks like we have maybe more than our fare share of ESPN/FS1 games. I guess that comes with the sweet 16 run. I’m interested to see how this team runs without Delon. He really was just so damn good. If Poeltl can stay out of foul trouble, Reyes can make a layup, and I. Wright can pick up a bit of Delon’s abilities then I think we’ve got another trip to the dance.

    • AZswayze

      I’m interested to see how this team runs without Delon.

      Coach K already said he plans on tailoring the team around Poeltl, and I think we have some great players to compliment his inside presence. Bealer is the wild card in my mind. If he can step in and take some of the slack of losing a huge playmaker in Delon then I can see this team actually being better overall. I’m not saying Bealer is going to live up to Wright’s status, or needs to, just hoping he can have enough of an impact to take some pressure off Poeltl down low.

      • GadValleyUte

        I hope Poeltl really shines as a dominant post presence this year. I think that helps come Tourney time because shooting in those domes is really terrible. I have high hopes for this team.

  • Captain Pat


  • Tony

    I seem to remember losing a great Ute basketball player and making it to the NCAA finals the year after he left.