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Article – USC needs to fire Swann.


  • Stone

    Plaschke certainly does not pull any punches in that column. Frankly, I find it a bit unfair. Swann may deserve to get fired for many reasons, but the admissions scandal seems like a stretch. Might as well also fire every admissions officer and head of any department in which these students were admitted. A fraud occurred. And it wasy pretty well orchestrated. I find it hard to agree that the Athletic Director should be poring over the names of every admitted athlete and confirming whether they actually are athletes…who wants the AD wasting time on that? Terribly inefficient use of time. Plaschke clearly wants Swann fired (and may be right), but it should be for other reasons that this.

  • Puget Ute

    I disagree. They need to keep Swann so he will give Clay Helton a 10 yr contract.  And then after Andy Enfield gets nabbed in this FBI probe, he can hire a bad coach to replace him.