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97.5 talking about Urban to USC with an Associated Press member

Someone that dreams of coaching Notre Dame? Seems ludicrous. 

  • Johnny80

    While I completely love what Urban did for our program I believe he just needs to go away.

  • Great1Ute

    Is there anyone on this board that doesn’t think that Urban would return USC into the juggernaut it should be given the recruits it gets every year?  Bad coaching at USC levels the playing field.  I’d like Urban to stay away.

    • EagleMountainUte

      I think of Urban as a Fan of college football and a Coach. Like he wouldn’t ever coach for Michigan. Just like I don’t see him coaching for  Notre Dames rival.  

    • Chidojuan

      Their President and A.D. won’t touch Urban.

  • astUTE

    The miracle of the vanishing migraines…