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PGA Championship starts tomorrow

1st tee is at 6 am … for Thursday & Friday on PPV.  

PGA Championship

  • PlainsUte

    Who’s your favorite to win?  Dibs on Keopka.

    • Basketball Junkie

      Keopka, Tiger & Dustin Johnson have to be the odds on favorites. Massive viewing crowd because of Tigers Master Win. Should be a Kick! Are you watching it?


      • PlainsUte

        Watching of golf limited to Sunday afternoon if I happen to have time.

    • Tony

      I’m going to go McIlroy.

      • I was going to list everyone but…. I thought that would be kinda obvious! Ha


      • Tony

        Like I said, Koepka.

  • chinngiskhaan

    I would love to see Finau get his major win

    • FtheY

      This. Cheering for Finau definitely, love the local guy. 

      Can’t stand Tiger as a person, but man, I love to watch him compete. Seeing him win the Masters was great and it would be cool to stay in the game chasing Jack’s major record. 

      Also, totally forgot they moved the major schedule around this year. I’ll watch for sure on Sunday and check in where I can. 

    • Tony

      Right. Finau. That would be awesome.