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    Sporting News top 130 football coaches. Whitt at impressive#21


  • ironman1315

    Nice. Everything is coming up utah.

  • chinngiskhaan

    Compare him to the guys ahead of him, he is in elite company. The top 20 coaches are the who’s who of college football coaches. It proves that he absolutely could be a big program coach, but he chose to stay put.

  • astUTE

    Chris Peterson at number 6?  Seriously!?!   I guess that is what comes from the Eastern media seeing enough Boise State bowl wins, and him entering the PAC-12 when UCS, and virtually everyone else, is at a low state.

    I hate the guy – but frankly, I hate him most for the number of wins he has over Whitt…

  • UteThunder

    Gary Andersen is way too low at #101. He bombed at Oregon State but what he did at Utah State is nothing short of miraculous and he did a great job at Wisconsin the short time he was there. He should most definitely be ahead of Sitake(#85) and Wells(#76). Sitake has yet to do anything even close to what Gary has done in his career and Wells had similar success to Gary at USU, but Gary laid the ground work for him. 

    • PlainsUte

      Skating out of Wisconsin after a year was not view favorably.   Oregon State is always going to be in the shadow of Oregon and Washington and tough to recruit to (though I happen to love the area, myself, I am not a 17-year-old football player).   Not a good move on his part.