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    whether a team lives up to it or not, hype is not real. Hype is just hype

    i think our fans are putting a lot of unnecessary (mostly subconscious) pressure on the team talking rose bowl 10+ win expectations. “this team is going to do this/that”

    This team can be so damn good. But we still need a lot of things to go our way to hit those levels and some of it is out of their hands (injuries, timing, and the shape of a football not being round and bouncing weird)

    It would legitimately surprised me more if this team missed a bowl game than if they made the CFP, but im preparing myself for all outcomes in between and hoping to watch a special season play out. Dont gas them up just to turn on them at the first sign of trouble. Building them up that high just means they have to fall if they dont hit those expectations and i think the hype has gotten way over the top within our fanbase. says me the anxious fan

  • whitlessham
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    Anyone who has followed the kwhitt offensive rodeo the past 10 years know that the “throw game” is always a giant question mark. This Fall will be no different.

    History is not a friend of kwhitt when it comes to the “throw game” and without it – the Utes will need help/luck to get to 10 wins   

    • Redblood

      Whitlessham, everyone needs a little help to get to 10 wins. You’re acting like it should just happen and the only thing to prevent it is stupidity.

      That attitude makes a little more sense for the team down south. We should respect the game more than that IMO.

  • KillaKam801

    I would actually say the fall already happened when we lost to Washington last year in the championship on a weird play that led to a loss. Before that interception for 6, the Utes were holding strong. That was the fall in my opinion, we’ve now been challenged and need to bounce back this season. I do understand there will be injuries and that anything can happen but with our squad this year I see a 10+ win season and if not, I being an extreme Utes fan will always ride that train through good times and bad. Let’s go smelling roses this year. GO UTES!!!

    • whitlessham
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      If Washinton was the fall – what was the NW game?…total implosion

      • ironman1315

        It was the best day of your life since November 28, 2009.

        • sweetgrass

          come on now, his school is also world reknown in men’s clogging

  • EagleMountainUte

    Seems boring to prepare yourself for losses. I mean by all means if that is what makes it more enjoyable for you. I understand all of those things and I can adjust my expectations on the fly. I am only invested as much as a fan can be. 

    The devestation these players feel with a loss is always worst than anything we may feel. 

    • Chidojuan
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      Yup.  The way I see it, we can compete with any team in CFB.  Teams like Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia may beat us 99 times out of 100, but there is still a chance to beat them, and that’s why you play the game.  It sucks when we lose, it’s hard for me to not feel depressed for a chunk of the week after because I’ve invested myself in this team, but I never go into a game with realistic expectations, just fanatical ones, and that’s why it’s fun.  I’m not going to temper anything.

    • sweetgrass

      I’m going in with expectations Utah will go 12-0, and then when if they lose, my expectations will adjust to 11-1 and so on …

      This is supposed to be fun and unrealistic and I’ll love them whether they go 15-0 or 0-12

      • EagleMountainUte

        I really believe if we have a healthy Huntley and Moss that really the sky is the limit. 

  • UtMtBiker

    Every national championship team ever had high expectations and pressure coming into the season. It’s just how it is. Keeping expectations low only hurts a team. The pressure is good. If the team responds like champions do, great. If they crumble, they weren’t champions at heart.