113th in the country in converting short yardage situations

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      What the hell?
      When you have the best RB you’ve ever had, a QB that nearly leads the nation in completion percentage, and multiple reliable tight ends and receivers, how does that happen? The offensive line was by no means great, but there should have been enough options and playmakers to be better than 113th. Short yardage situations lost the game last night. If we get that first down and score on the first drive, it’s a whole different ball game. I lost track of how many short 3rd and 4th downs that we blew on Oregon’s side of the field.

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      It’s terrible scheme in those situations. Ludwig doesn’t have smash mouth runs in the playbook. Then Moss decides to dance and not hit the hole like he used to. He missed many holes for short yards last night and all season. He is a great back but he better be more willing to smash the hole in the NFL or he will flame out like Booker.

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