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        Weird game. Sloppy in a many ways. Tavion seems timid much of the time. The whole first 20 minutes or so seemed like the offense was doing some kind of playbook experiment. I still don’t have a grasp on whether or not we are “good” or how good we really are.  I was happy and relieved to see the receivers get a lot more action tonight. Bummed to see Curry go down. That must have been pretty bad for him to get carried off. Phillips must have had a concussion. No helmet on the sideline after the injury.  The SDSU QB #1 probably had a concussion. They were checking him on the sidelines and then they made the switch. Bummed about the muffed punt. Usually a muff is a good thing, but not in football. Goodnight. 

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        Tavion lost a family member this week and Cam was fairly sick so I’ll give them a bit of grace but we’d have lost to a good competition. this slow starting business needs to go.

        Hope Phillips’s injury is mild.

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        Totally agree with your thoughts on Cam and Tavion. We will not win the conference with the way the offense played tonight. Watching Cam zero in on Kuithe those first couple quarters was disconcerting. Holding out hope given how the team turned it around last year but I still have no idea if this team is actually better than last years team.

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        sdsu qb1 got poked in the eye on what probably should have been a flag.

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          Ah poked in the eye. That’s why they were checking his eyes out on the bench. 

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