2025 @ Wyoming

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        Need to have Harlan change this one to play a home and home with USC. I’ll never understand why Hill agreed to play at Laramie.

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        That game was scheduled years before USC announced their intentions to defect to the BigTen.  

        And it’s not like we’ll be playing there in November.  Wyoming is still a respectable preseason “B” game.  So of all the OOC games we have to complain about (re: SUU, Web St, Utah Tech, et al), this one isn’t worth lamenting.

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        Laramie was always my least favorite trip when Utah was in the WAC, largely because it’s such a pain in the ass to get to. But I’m ok with home/home against anyone currently in the MWC. Utah fans looked forward to getting the chance to play Pac-10 or other “big” schools. Why should they deny the same opportunity to their former conference mates?

        The FCS games are a tough call. I like that Utah uses those games to support the small in-state schools. And as long as every other FBS team is going to play those games every year, I can’t fault Utah for doing so. That being said, I’d gladly trade those glorified scrimmages for an annual Utah State game if the landscape changed since I apparently will not get my wish that Utah State replaces the parochial school.

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          Ute Fan

          Talk about a hard away trip, try heading to Appalachian State. 🙂

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        I love playing Wyoming.

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