3rd Down

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      9/19…the offense is improving on 3rd down. Baby steps.

      Go Utes!

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      ^Though small, first sign of Kool aid appears. I ear marked Thursday as the first dip in the Kool aid pool but clearly the addiction is strong.

      Ute fandom is like being in an abusive relationship… sigh 

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        There’s a difference between pointing out something positive and drinking the kool-aid…

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          Not attacking you personally but unless digging up positives result in tangible progress it’s simply building up the case for  supporting the status quo. 

          For the past 7 years, Utah has been  boxing with one hand tied behind their back.  They hang in there with good defense but ultimately it’s a fight they were never built to win.   

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      While I’m not convinced Huntley can get us to where we want to be, now is not the time to change.  If he can ight the ship, then great, if we are still stuggling after a few more weeks we need to assess if we need to start getting reps with the other guys to see if we can get more out of them.

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