A lot of foulmouthed Ute fans at the Tenn game last night

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      Or so says cougarbored.

      Sounds like hoards of Byu haters follow them to road games and swear in the face…. not pics but they say it happens every game.




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      They probably poured beer on all the TDS parents too

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      And yet not one video or picture will emerge of this nefarious Ute fan behavior. 

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        I will say this.

        tOSU red can bee seen in Mich stadium every weekend… I would amagine maze and blue can be seen in the horseshoe every weekend.

        Sidenote:  I did attend the Mich/byu game a few years ago. I’d guess that 98% of the red was the local tOSU but I did see  a couple of Utes decked in red….

        It appeared they where part of the zoob group ….maybe a fallen black sheep ALUF? All I could do is SMH.   

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          I was at the Fresno State game a couple of years ago in Fresno, sitting next to a guy decked out in new Fresno gear cheering loudly against the Utes. I had bought a refillable cup that was good for the whole season. I offered it to him to have at the end of the game. We talked and he admitted it was his first Fresno game and wouldn’t be back for another game this season. He was there with a group that included Utes.

          He was closely following the BYU – UCLA game on his phone. BYU lost in a close game and a Utah fan yelled out the score. A good number of people cheered at BYU’s loss.

          The man next to me said something like “pathetic too cheer against another team.” I turned to him and said something to the extent “this coming from a man who is a BYU fan that spent money on another team’s gear to cheer against the Utes.” He kind of looked down sheepishly and just laughed.

          I think in situations where there are houses divided both sides will go to the game with their family but can’t bring themselves to cheer for the other side of the rivalry. Some Ute fans are probably guilty of this just like Zoobs are as well.

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            There were about 6 ybU-p fans who sat behind me — wearing ybU-p sweatshirts — at the 2016 Foster Farms Bowl (between Utah and Indiana).

            The zoobs do it too.

            In fact, one of the moderators over at cougarboard (cougarmanguy) was at the Utah-NIU game just last weekend.  I know this for a fact because he took a picture of the stadium and shared it on cougarboard, in a desperate attempt to prove that Utah doesn’t really sell out our games.  

            Of course he’d f-ed up by accidently including the South endzone scoreboard in the photo, which showed 15:00 on the 1st-Qtr game clock.  He’d evidently taken that picture after the touchback, but before the first snap of the game.  You can see the portal where the band was coming out of, starting to take their seats.

            Epic fail.

            Obviously, the zoobs are crushed over the fact that they can’t sell out their OWN stadium, so they’re desperately trying to drag us down to their ultra midmajory level.

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      I confess.  I got tired of taking dumps in the north concourse.  So I quit my job and now follow bypoopoo around the country so that I can sport my Ute gear, scream obscenities at the meek and mild, and spit on their little kids.  Thats what I do….

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