AAF folding?

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      Ute Fan
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      That’s a seriously messed up URL!

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        Ute Fan

        Posted the google link instead of site. AAF has problems with QB play and offense in general. Stallions can’t catch anything that is thrown there way. They even tilted it in their favor and offenses still blow. 

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          Ute Fan

          USFL, NFL Europe, XFL, Arena, and now the AAF – America does NOT have an appetite for an alternative/minor football league because we already have the greatest alternative/minor league to the NFL in the form of college football. There will never be a football league that succeeds anywhere close to the level of the NFL & NCAA football. 

          The CFL does have a bit of traction, but come on, it’s Canada eh? Nobody really cares about that league.

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          Wilson’s Mustache
          Ute Fan

          the USFL was pretty succesful until they decided to compete directly with the NFL in the Fall/Winter

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      Ute Fan

      you know what they say… fool me once, fool me twice…

      If you bought into this nonsense league you should have known you were deluding yourself.

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        Ute Fan

        I think the NFL is so long established that most football fans have a favorite team even if they don’t live in/near an NFL city.  Here in Utah, I’m a Packer fan, my sister-in-law’s family are huge Steeler fans, some of my friends have loyalty to teams such as the Patriots (since the 70s when they were not the powerhouse they turned into), Raiders, Saints, Seahawks, and Broncos. 

        None of us really have any interest in heading up to see a Stallions game (especially with the Jazz heading towards the playoffs).

        And frankly the Utes whet our appetites for attending a live game in the Fall.



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      Well I am happy to have a pro football team, even though they’re not very good.  Gives me some football to root for in the offseason. Plus I’m glad to see guys like Gionni Paul getting a 2nd chance to do what they do well. I hope it doesn’t go under.  The offenses in the league haven’t been that good, but most teams have improved over the season.


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