All Week 12 Top 25 Rooting Interests (CFP Hopes)

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        Ghost of the HEB
        Ute Fan

        None of this matters if we take an L this Saturday, but being in the convo adds some intrigue. Games listed by start times (earliest to latest):

        #11 Florida at Missouri: Florida losing would theoretically hurt Georgia’s resume, but it’s the SEC so who the f*** knows. GO TIGERS

        #5 Alabama at Mississippi State: HAIL STATE, BABY

        Kansas at #22 Oklahoma State: We don’t want Ok St being ranked when they play Oklahoma. ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK

        Indiana at #9 Penn State: FINISH THEM, HOOSIERS

        Michigan State at #14 Michigan: To hell with all the ranked BIG-10 teams. GET EM, SPARTY

        #14 Wisconsin at Nebraska: DON’T MESS WITH HERBIE HUSKER

        #23 Navy at #16 Notre Dame: SEMPER FORTIS

        Wake Forest at #3 Clemson: The ACC’s dad isn’t gonna lose to any of it’s kids, but hey. DEAMON DEACONS FTW

        West Virginia at #24 Kansas State: Make that Oklahoma loss to K-State look ugly. MONTANI SEMPER LIBERI (thats the WV state motto for all you ignorant folk)

        #4 Georgia at #12 Auburn: This one is tough. Auburn giving Georgia their second loss would be sweet, but that likely would push Auburn back into the top 10. Which would give Alabama a crack at a top 10 at Auburn win to finish off their season. We do  not want that. Sooo.. go georgia? With the hopes of Georgia losing to Texas A&M next week or LSU in the SEC Championship. 

        #19 Texas at Iowa St: Texas is a ranked win for OK. MOVE YOUR BODY LIKE A CYCLONE

        #18 Memphis at Houston: Get rid of these lower ranked teams and make room for Washington and USC. GO UH

        #2 Ohio St at Rutgers: Lol why is Rutgers even P5

        #8 Minnesota at #20 Iowa: Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain. GO HAWKEYES

        #17 Cincinatti at USF: Lol BYU lost to USF. GO BULLS

        #1 LSU at Ole Miss: I would say we want Ole Miss to cause chaos, but that could allow bama and georgia to move up and entrench themselves in the top 4, and not sure they would move Utah and Oregon above LSU even then. Dont want that. Might be better for LSU to just stay dominant and wreck Georgia in SEC Champ. 

        #10 Oklahoma at #13 Baylor: Another tough one. Do we want undefeated Baylor knocked out? Yes, but thats a good win for OK resume. Do we want OK knocked out? Yes, but undefeated Baylor will be in a win-and-in situation. Somebody help me out with this one.

        #25 App St at Georgia St: POUNCE THE BLUE PANTHER

        UCLA at #7 Utah: LEAVE NO DOUBT

        New Mexico at #21 Boise St: To hell with ranked MWC teams. NM

        Arizona at #6 Oregon: OUR BELOVED DUCKS


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        Ute Fan

        Baylor v Oklahoma = cancellation.

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          Ute Fan

          I think Utah fans should definitely root for Baylor this week but not in the Big-12 Championship.   Or one team to win this week’s game and the other to win the Big-12 Championship.   If a 1-loss Baylor is in the picture at the end vs. Pac-12 Champ and the Pac-12 Champ is a 1-loss Oregon or 1-loss Utah, the committee would likely go with the Pac-12 team as Baylor has a lot of near-losses and unimpressive wins against weaker teams (ahem, WVU) to go with what will be their 1 loss.  OU has been more dominant vs. weaker competition and has the helmet-logo “traditional power” street cred so Utah may not fare as well in that comparison.  Oregon might do better head-to-head with OU with their only loss being a fairly close loss in the first week vs. an Almighty SEC team on the road.  Depends on how dominant either is during November, I think – recency bias.  I don’t think this committee is going to let BOTH Big-12 and Pac-12 champs get shut out of the playoff unless they both have 2 losses at the very end.

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            Ute Fan

            I watched part of Baylor v West Virginia and wasn’t impressed. All I could think of was “damn I’m glad we have our OC and not theirs”. 

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        Ute Fan

        We DEFINITELY want Auburn to beat Georgia! It won’t matter who they beat, a 2-loss team will NOT leapfrog Utah in the polls, nor get into the CFP! A Georgia loss draws them even with #11 Florida at 5-2 in the SEC-East standings. An Auburn win would STILL leave them at 3rd-place in the SEC-West. So we need not fear them.

        We also would love for Mississippi to upset LSU. LSU, Georgia, and Alabama are ALREADY ahead of us in the CFP standings, so any of them losing a game would AT BEST leave things the way they are now — ahead of us in the CFP. Utah won’t drop in the polls because THEY lost. We’ll only drop in the polls if WE lost.

        As for Oklahoma and Baylor, what needs to happen is that the loser in this week’s game beats the winner in the Big 12 CCG. It also wouldn’t hurt if Baylor lost to Texas and/or @ Kansas the following two weeks, and/or Oklahoma dropping a game or two vs. TCU and/or @ #22 Oklahoma St, but I think the most realistic situation will be with the potential rubber match on Dec. 7th.

        I suppose that if I HAD to pick a winner, I’d probably want Baylor to top the Sooners, as the Sooners are the heavily favored team, and the most likely team to NOT lose twice. We don’t want one of them to lose twice. We want them to go 1-1 against each other.

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          Swoop Doggy Dogg
          Ute Fan

          Definitely rooting for Auburn. That Oregon loss to the Tigers will be a sticking point in the coming weeks.

          Don’t want Baylor sneaking ahead with zero losses and now a quality win. Hate to root for Oklahoma… Or would it be better for Oklahoma to have two losses and then win the Big 12 title game? If Baylor wins out, they’re going to the playoff. Too much anxiety for me watching a Big 12 Championship game under that scenario. I want Baylor to lose twice and then beat the Sooners in the title game.

          I’d really love to see Clemson lose too. Not that I don’t like the Tigers, it’s just that the ACC is down enough that a single Clemson loss could very well eliminate the conference from a playoff spot.

          What about Minnesota? It’s really hard to root against them. But I don’t want another league with a chance at two playoff spots.

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        Ute Fan

        I chose Baylor over Oklahoma because Oklahoma is more likely to win out.  I think either team could pass Utah if they win out.  They both need to lose.  Weaker team first.  Baylor.

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        Ute Fan

        Baylor vs Oklahoma seems simple to me. Baylor wins this one leaving OU with 2 losses. Then OU wins the championship rematch leaving OU as a 2 loss champ and Baylor with no conference championship and way down the list of 1 loss teams.

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