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    And just like that Pace/Whittlesham has a brain aneurysm.  Another no star white kid…

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      The article says he’s a 3 star for now.

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        Composite. (a chance to troll Pace, priceless!!!!)

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    Wonder if most of these recent commits will be bummed to PWO’s by seasons end

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    Utah successfull out competed Incarnate Word, New Mexico State and no less than two service academies for this OLB!

    Faloona is currently ranked as a mid-three star linebacker in 247Sports own rankings. He holds scholarship offers from programs like Air Force, Navy, and Utah State while also hearing from other schools like SMU, Wyoming, and Nevada.

    At 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds, Faloona sports a good, long frame with the potential to add a good amount of mass while maintaining his athleticism. That added muscle will be crucial for him as well, as it will help him become a bit more explosive. He has the makings of a player that will see increased interest during his senior season, particularly playing at the 6A level in Texas football.

    Faloona joins the program as a linebacker, in the mold of former Ute, Cody Barton. A football player through and through, he brings quite a bit of toughness and nastiness to the field.

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      putting together a respectable MWC recruiting class…

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    Whitt has proven at this point that stars do not matter. If Utah offers them, they must have the potential to be a great pac-12 player.

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      Not sure I understand the logic…

      so is kwhitt passing on 4 and 5 star players?  Or is it just bad luck that the “talent” he’s going after dont happen to be 4-5 star?

      It’s fine to champion the “stars don’t matter” but it doesn’t answer the concerns why kwhitt can’t attract  4 star high school players on a consistent basis. Does kwhitt have more interest in “unknowns” then 4-5 star players?  or has he just become frustrated and given up. 

      Also, we can throw the “long game” recruiting strategy approach out the window.  This kid was being courted by Utah State and the Utes pull the trigger in June?  lol.

      Panic time. 


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        You are an idiot.

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          This was intended for Whitless. Sorry, his schtick is just bad.

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            See the three little dots?  Click it and then ignore. 

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      Stars do matter, however you are correct, the Utah coaching staff is VERY good at finding under-rated talent, and developing kids.

      I would hope we pull at least a couple of 4* players in this class. :/

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    I realize I’m biting here, but “Panic time” made me wonder…
    Utes drafted from KWhitt’s recruiting classes as HC and 247sports recruiting rating:
    Jackson Barton 4 star
    Marquise Blair 4 star JUCO
    Mitch Wishnowsky 2 starJUCO
    Matt Gay Walk On
    Cody Barton 3 star
    Kylie Fitts 4 star
    Garrett Bolles 4 star JUCO
    Marcus Williams 3 star
    Joe Williams 0 star JUCO
    Isaac Asiata 3 star
    Brian Allen 2 star
    JJ Dielman 3 star
    Sam Tevi 3 star
    Pita Taumoepenu 2 star
    Devontae Booker 3 star JUCO
    Eric Rowe 3 star
    Nate Orchard 3 star
    Jeremiah Poutasi 4 star
    Kaelin Clay 3 star
    Keith McGill 4 star JUCO
    Trevor Reilly 2 star
    Star Lotuleilei 3 star JUCO
    Joe Kruger 3 star

    Let’s throw in projected 2020 draftees for a more recent picture…
    Zach Moss 3 star
    Leki Fotu 3 star
    Bradlee Anae 3 star
    Julian Blackmon 3 star
    Jaylon Johnson 4 star
    John Penisini 3 star JUCO
    Darrin Paolo 3 star

    Add to that the average score rating for the classes in that time frame:
    2020 0.8446
    2019 0.8612
    2018 0.8569
    2017 0.8604
    2016 0.8455
    2015 0.8465
    2014 0.8305
    2013 0.8320
    2012 0.8388
    2011 0.8555
    2010 0.8605

    I consulted with Excel, and it referred to those numbers as something called an “upward trend” whatever that is…

    Panic we shall not!


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