Bubble team updates….

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      Ute Fan

      according to Lunardis predictions 2/4 “last four teams IN” lost recently. St Bonnie’s and SC won. 

      All four of the “First four Out” teams just lost some of them twice. 

      Utahs win just should catapult us into the range of first four out to last four in! 

      This Saturday is huge. Hopefully the turnout will be good. 12:30 is an odd time. 

      Rally the troops people!!!!!

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      Matthew Thomas Castleton
      Ute Fan

      Utah’s RPI also jumped to #43 after their win tonight. If they beat USC on Saturday, their RPI will probably jump into the 30’s because USC’s RPI is #35 right now. That’s NCAA Tournament at-large range. Assuming they beat Colorado next week, Utah likely would get the #2 seed in the Pac-12 Tournament. They’re making the NCAA Tournament this year.

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