Can we beat UA with the backup team that beat Wazzu if it comes to that?

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      I have no knowledge of how bad the injuries are, and who is going to play, and who is not. But hypothetically, does the team that beat Wazzu beat UA? We’re playing at home, so we have that going for us. But UA looks formidable, especially their O, despite their poor record. Curious as to what Utehub thinks.

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      I think it would be close. If Arizona were to pull away by 2-3 scores I would have no trust that the back ups could close a gap like that.

      And I don’t think they could keep up in a shoot out.

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      Only if the D plays reeeeally good.

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      Arizona has a horrendous defense so it would potentially make up for having so many backups out there. As said above, it will come down to how well the Utah defense plays no matter if Rising or Barnes is running he show

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      To answer your question, the answer is YES….Our D played better & U of A’s D is horrendous….We’d get stops against them & our O would pretty much score at will….USC was down some key players & still scored at will….UW lit them up the week before & CAL of all teams lit their D up.

      We have the secondary to matchup against their weapons.

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      YES. Defense is young and getting better. Vaki was a nice addition to support the LB weakness in the box. Utes should be able to run all over UofA, pass too!

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