clearly, Utah in the CFP is somewhat out of their control …

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      but the hidden beauty about being this close to the prize is reflecting on what can you improve to increase your odds in the future. 

      The one glaring thing that you can control is to not play a mix of BYU, NIU and Idaho State out of conference.  It needs to be better than that.  I know Harlan is working on it and it takes time, but I hope we never return to the era where BYU is viewed as our A game OOC.     

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      Everything looks up post 2021 season. Still looking for P5s in 2025 and 2027. Link

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      I don’t think we will. I think as time goes on, as the gap widens, we’ll see BYU developing more competitive rivalries with Boise State and Utah State and Utah with CU and ASU. I think we may get to a point where our “B” game each season is either BYU or Utah State.

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        At least with the patsies on their remaining schedule, TDS will likely finish bowl eligible and 2-3 games above .500

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