Colorado and ASU QB Play

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    Charlie Foxtrot
    Ute Fan

    Watching Colorado and ASU, both Montez and Wilkins have the ability to accurately throw to a spot in the second level and for the home run play down the field.  The throws are accurate enough to allow the receiver to run into/under the pass.  Utah completely lacks this aspect of the game with Huntley at QB.  Those kind of accurate throws take the top off of the defense and opens things up for the run game.

    I seems if Utah just had a servicible passing threat at quarterback the offense could be soooooo much better.  We have the defense to give both ASU and Colorado major issues with their offensive exicution.  I would feel a lot better about both of those games if our offense wasn’t such a train wreck.

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    Ute Fan

    Well both guys had fan bases that wanted them benched and run out of town on a rail.  If that is a prerequisite than Tyler is well on his way!


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