Dallin Holker and other players that think they should be getting more touches

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        Ute Fan

        First let me just say that I have zero opinion about Holker leaving BYU, I don’t care… but the rumors about why he left got me thinking. Supposedly he wanted to get more touches, and felt that wasn’t going to happen at TSPP.

        We Utah fans have been screaming for Rising to get the ball to the WRs more often. I’m sure every good team deals with this sort of thing in one way or another.

        The problem with these types of complaints is, who is the player (or players in our case) supposed to take touches from? I think for us there is a legitimate argument to be made that the TEs were being targeted soooooo much that it was hurting the production of the offense. If Rising is under pressure there is a 90% chance the ball is going to Kuithe. That is a problem… However, most of the time, when there is one guy who wants more touches/targets, you have to ask the question; who is getting less touches when that guy gets more, and is that really helping the team?

        In most cases I think the answer is clearly no, and I think that is the case with Holker and TSPP as well. I have watched little to no BYU football this year, but their offense is at least decent, and I don’t think a lack of TE targets is the problem. I think a lack of consistent running has been their issue. They have good WRs who have been performing well. Would you take targets away from them? Nope. Do you abandon the struggling run game and throw to Holker instead? NO WAY. If you can’t run the ball, throwing to TEs over the middle becomes almost impossible.

        TL;DR: There are only so many offensive plays in a football game, demanding more touches, especially when you aren’t the answer to the team’s problems, is not going to get you or your team anywhere… So yeah, I guess leaving to a team where you are that answer is the best option.

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        Ute Fan

        BYU’s passing game is centered around their wide receivers.  Utah’s passing game is centered around the tight ends.  It’s not about the number of balls as much as where can he showcase his skills.  Will he end up at Utah?  I don’t know.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m slow. TSPP? 

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          Ute Fan

          They So Poo Poo. What Huntley called them.

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          Ute Fan

          Yes, it’s that team’s preferred pronoun.

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