Do Utah Fans Travel Well?

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      I have a quick couple of questions.  What was the attendance last night at the game for those who were there.  And, what was the Utah fan attendance like compared to the Husky fan attendance.  Just curious.

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      Ute Fan

      I was there. It felt like a home game for Utah. I live here in Bay Area and I am so proud of Utah fans that travelled. Very impressed. Easily doubled Even tripled their fans. 

      The chants and involvement were so loud that it belittled UW fans. My brother and I noticed a sea of red outside stadium before game as well. 

      Too bad we couldn’t cheer for offensive plays much but the fans still were pumped and positive. 

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      Ute Fan

      On TV, it looked like we were playing in RES-Santa Clara.

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      Easily 2X more Ute fans. The Ute banner flying behind the plane around the stadium was a nice touch. Our fans represented very very well. 

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      I was there. We easily doubled DUmB fans. 

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      I talked to the two old men from the Alamo bowl – wearing geezer tan jackets.  Said they are impressed with the turnout. I’m sure it’s going to help.  

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        THIS. We have a bad stigma. We need to CONTINUE to show out and shed the bad stigma that follows the state. 

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