Does Utah have as good of a chance as Oregon to get in if it wins the Pac-12?

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        Ute Fan

        Early prediction: No, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get in — it just can’t make as strong of an argument.
        Here’s why: The loss to USC, coupled with a nonconference schedule that included BYU (6-4), Northern Illinois (4-7), and Idaho State (3-8), will create a weaker case for the Pac-12.

        “I think the USC thing was probably [what] got the most discussion when they analyzed those two,” CFP executive director Bill Hanco<k said Tuesday. “Oregon obviously defeated USC handily, and Utah lost. And Oregon’s résumé, including the loss to a good Auburn team in the last seconds of the game, and Utah really doesn’t have anything like that. So that was the difference.”

        Utah would certainly be considered as a one-loss Pac-12 champion, and would still be in a better position than the Big 12 champion, based on the selection committee’s first three rankings. The opportunity to punctuate its résumé with a victory against a top-10 Oregon team would further boost its case, but it would also depend on what team it was being compared with. Alabama’s loss to LSU wouldn’t be as damaging as Utah’s loss to USC, but the Crimson Tide also wouldn’t have a top-10 win or conference title. It would also be tough for Utah to unseat Ohio State if the Buckeyes finish with one loss.

        ESPN article

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        Tony (admin)

        Since Oregon is ranked higher I’d have to say no.  

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        Ute Fan

        It seems like it is setting up that the PAC-12 champ will get in barring some variables in the last few weeks. Utah and Oregon seem to be indisguishable in the minds of the pundits as to which one it will be.

        The key pieces are: Utah has to win all their remaining games, Oregon must win out and lose to Utah, LSU and Ohio State win out. A Clemson loss to anyone at this point would eliminate them.

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        Ute Fan

        The key things that cannot happen if Utah (and probably Oregon) want to get in are the following:
        1. Lose
        2. 11-1 Georgia beating 12-0 LSU in the SEC CG
        3. Ohio State losing (particularly in the B1G CG).

        As long as those three things don’t happen, I think the winner of the Pac-12 CG is in.

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