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    I don’t get the hate for Ludwig. Maybe someone can help me. Totally serious. Whit tried to get A – rod, kicked the tires on Sark (my first choice) and then went with the best option IMO.  Why ? Cause dude knows what he’s doing and will at least give the ball to Moss. Knows how to work with Whitt and doesn’t have an ego or something to prove like Taylor.  Look I liked Taylor. But UW and Wash St were both on him. Especially Wash st. Maybe he gets a pass for UW, but Wash St all due to his arrogance and trying to prove a point. Anyways I’m stoked with the hire after hearing we weren’t getting Stark I was for sure it was Harding. He may end up being a great OC in the future but not next year. Next year its Rose bowl or bust IMO. We need someone who knows what they’re doing and won’t S**** the bed. Totally fine with it. He prob stays until Whit retires in 3-4 years ish and then we can go after the hot new thing. My 2 cents. Go Utes

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    Ludwig has 32 years of coaching, called plays at 6 other programs (4 of which were P5) but some Ute fans think they know better. 

    I don’t get it either

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      Ute fans hate everything.

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        Our fanbase is so un-fun sometimes. 

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    It looks that way — see what happens first

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      We finished ranked 71st in the FBS in total offense this past season. I welcome Mr Beethoven. 

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    I like the move! So maybe it’s just the vocal minority that makes our fans sound so negative about everything

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    I agree with your post entirely. I guess I havent been reading everything everyone is saying. Aside from Pace, I haven’t seen a lot hate for Ludwig. Like you, i was hoping for a bigger splash hire. Whitt tried, but it didn’t happen. I think there’s more disappointment than hate. That’s how I feel at least. I don’t hate Ludwig or the hire. Just wish they could have landed Sark or Rodriguez. Given that they didn’t, I think Ludwig is a good choice.

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      I think most people are fine with the hire so I’m not sure why we have 15 new threads defending it.  One or two people were upset, which is fine.  They are fans and are welcome to their own opinion(even if it’s irrational).  I haven’t seen too much hate on Ludwig though so no reason for people to be so defensive.

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        Exactly. That’s what I’ve been seeing as well. Some people will never be happy but it’s only a few.

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    The difference between the 2004 offense (1 year prior to Ludwig) and any offense Ludwig coached was such a let down , that fans started chanting FIRE LUDWIG. In 2008 the only time the offense seemed to flow was during the final few minutes when Johnson called most of his own plays. At that time practically everyone was chantihg FIRE LUDWIG. 

    Hopefully he has improved since then.

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      Hopefully the fans have improved since then.

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    You know what’s cool?
    He had a pretty darn good offense when he was here the first time.
    He’s learned a lot.
    And our defense has gotten better since then.
    I think this bodes very well for the next few years, especially a super pivotal one like next year.
    I am actually excited! I think this will be great!


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