Every day I think “I can’t possibly hate Utah politicians any more”…..

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      And then I read the news….


      Chaffetz probes Bryce Canyon tweet welcoming Bears Ears


      I mean…seriously?! Is this real life?! This motherf**ker will investigate a f**king nothing tweet from Bryce Canyon and do absolutely nothing about the laundry list of legitametly important s**t both in Utah and the US that needs to be investigated?! I give up….just….wow. 

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      SMH. Utah. What is wrong with you? I just don’t get it. 74% of Utahns between 17-24 aren’t fit to join the military because of obesity, education and/or criminal records. 

      Depression is through the roof. 


      Pay for teachers. 

      Letting OR leave due to wanting to drill. 

      Zion Curtains. I find this one interesting. The Word of Wisdom says that Beer is ok, but eating meat is not ok and being obese is not ok. Yet, we are terrified of alcohol and a lot of us are obese. Weird. 

      And the list goes on and on. 

      Wake up Utah. 

      Neil Tyson deGrasse said this to my family tonight: “There is no shame in admitting when you don’t have all the answers. The real shame comes from pretending you know all the answers.”

      A lot of wisdom there. 

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      What you don’t think Jason is a true American Hero?  

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      Number of days that Chaffetz has not been an embarrassment: 0

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      Was just talking about this earlier tonight. He has been the laughingstock nationwide these past weeks, and yet Utah county will get his ass re-elected in his gerrymandered district.


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