Fun with cfbtrivia, pt. 6

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        Ute Fan

        Here’s a cool bit of trivia:

        Nine different Pac-12 teams have been ranked in a major poll at some point this year. This includes everyone but Oregon State, Cal and Arizona.

        The last time I could find Oregon State ranked was the 2013 preseason poll. They lost their first game that year (to Eastern Washington) and promptly dropped out of the polls.  And they haven’t been back since.

        But every other team besides the Beavers has been ranked at least once in the past two seasons.

        That’s not too bad.

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        Ute Fan

        Just a little follow up for context: every other P5 conference has teams that haven’t been ranked for a long, long time–

        In the Big XII, Kansas hasn’t been ranked since 2009. Iowa State was ranked #25 in one poll for a single week in 2012; before that, they hadn’t been ranked since 2005.

        In the SEC, Kentucky hasn’t been ranked since 2007. Vanderbilt hasn’t been ranked since 2008.

        In the ACC, Syracuse hasn’t been ranked since 2001 (when they were members of the old Big East). Boston College and Wake Forest haven’t been ranked since 2008.

        Finally in the Big Ten, Maryland was ranked #25 in one poll for a single week in 2013; before that, they hadn’t been ranked since 2008. Purdue hasn’t been ranked since 2007. But the biggest loser is Indiana, which hasn’t been ranked since….wait for it….1994! They were #24 in the coaches poll in late September of 1994, and haven’t been back since. Incidentally, Utah appeared at #15 in the coaches poll that week; it was the week Utah went on the road to play #11 Colorado State in an epic.

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        Ute Fan

        I still like that Utah has never not been ranked in the CFP. 

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