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      Ute Fan

      While I love this site, and I love Ute Twitter I’m always looking for new information and takes about our teams. My question is it worth it to go to a site that makes me pay for content? I’m not too into recruiting and that seems to be the biggest benefit. Any suggestions? 

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      Tony (admin)

      I’m more than happy to create a donor section which you can pay to access if that would make you feel better. 😀

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      Ute Fan

      I belong to Scout. I think they used to be worth it a few years ago. Now? I don’t know.

      In year’s past, the “media” was allowed to watch most of practice and they would provide write ups. Those were fun to read, but even then, they have very poorly paid “writers” opinions/biases interjected all along.

      For example, according to Scout, Kendall Thompson was far and away playing better than Wilson and was guaranteed to start. 😳

      Now, with all the limitations on practice viewing, and twitter and SLTrib/DesNews/KSL covering practice, etc…

      I’m not sure.

      It’s a lot of speculation and a lot of times the news breaks on twitter first. There was something recently…a player joining the Utes, that Scout brought it up 3-4 days later.

      My advice would be to just post more here.

      We need to unify the fan base. The more we post in one place, the more posters will come. And we can piecemeal the rest together with news/twitter.

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        Ute Fan

        Also, it looks like one of the most recent posts on scout is a post lifted from this site…

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        Ute Fan

        That’s kind of what I was thinking. And anything that is worth knowing will likely come out in the wash a couple days later. I really hope this site takes off more than it already has. This is a quality place that has more going for it than any other Utah fan site. 

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      Ute Fan

      Thoughts on Utezone?

      Three sources for Ute fix in offseason:

      1. YouTube game tape. I have two dozen Ute games on a playlist and it was easy to put together.
      2. 700 and 1280 post interview tape. They’re reviewing opponents in conference and talking to other team PxP and network analyst types.
      3. Utes in the NFL have been a source of info before camp too.

      Let me know how you scratch the itch.

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      Ute Fan

      If someone is good with the twitters, you can figure out a lot of things by watching who follows/un follows whom.

      I’d like to see a sticky thread on offers. Every offer is tweeted out. You don’t have to be a subscriber to Rivals/Scout to look up a recruits profile which includes star value and offers from other schools.

      I have belonged to Rivals and Scout. The card that paid for scout was compromised so the subscription went away, which was a good thing.

      I still belong to rivals and I guess I’m just waiting for that card to get stolen. It’s billed as a lump sum so I’m in for another ride for 8-9 months or something.

      With either site, especially the Scout site (those guys/gal use to run rivals) you get a lot of “thats what I couldn’t tell you guys before” when the trib breaks the news. Or a coach gets canned and they say “yeah … we’ve known for a while but we couldn’t compromise our source.”

      It’s real chicken s**t.

      As far a recruiting, again “this is the secret guy we knew was coming but we couldn’t tell you about it”

      As far as interviews, they’re all the same. Yeah … I love the family atmosphere, Coach Scalley is really cool, he texts me every day … bla bla bla.

      Occasionally a poster will know something and they will post about since it’s a private forum, but even that is very few and far between.

      Oh, the Scout guys, if you haven’t noticed, like to mix in political bulls**t with their twitter accounts. If you love CNN, you’ll fit in. Rivals, on the other hand, will not tolerate political talk AT ALL. So in that regard, huge thumbs up for Rivals.

      If you have money burning a hole in your Ute jersey, go Rivals. (Assuming you wish to keep politics out of your Utah sports, which explains why you’re here and not at UteFansHatin’

      Now, back to the pinned twitter thing. I really think it would be great, but someone has to be dedicated. Honestly, a person could know recruiting better than the pay sites by mining twitter and keeping a list. Most of the recruits tweet their every move. They tweet where they visit and whether or not it’s an official.

      Maybe a recruiting category would be good? (instead of the thank-god-it’s-never-used politics category)

      Oh, another thing. Any time a good article is penned by one of these pay sites, they’ll offer it for free as chum to get new subscribers. Then you pay for all the “I knew all along but couldn’t tell you” stuff.

      Also mentioned above, they way the program is closed off to the media, they really don’t have much over the Trib, Twitter tells all!

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