Getting the ball into the hands of playmakers

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      It’s kind of obvious Urban has a real knack for identifying playmakers and tailoring the plays to what he’s got in the talent pool. There was a great point about this in this week’s SI on Braxton Miller’s transition to WR. This seems like something we really struggle with. Is finding ways to get the ball to the fastest and best guys incompatible with Whitt’s/ OC’s philosophies? Is this more difficult than it seems? Can you not do this without running a spread? It seems like we’ve got some shifty/speedy/powerful guys that don’t get the ball enough. We can’t use the vertical routes because either they can’t get open or our QBs can’t make the throws so is all that’s left bubble screens and slants. I’m not that knowledgeable please educate me.

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      I think the problem is that they do really well at identifying the fastest and best guys… then move them to defense.

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        This, it does seem a lot of the best players end up on defense. Corey Butler-Byrd is a perfect example. He was originally going to play WR because of his speed & quickness, but ended up be switched to defense.

        I don’t think its something Kyle does on purpose, but I think with him being a defensive guy that he can see the potential not the defensive side of the ball better than on offense.

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