Got to make it down to the game, these were my favorite parts (video):

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      These USC muscle bros were sitting right behind us and talking so much sh++ in the first quarter, calling game over, Utah doesn’t belong, who let them in? etc. Man, it was great to see them shut tf up throughout the game. By the 4th quarter we were singing the chorus of the USC fight song every time Utah made a big play, just to mock them. Bum dum dah dah dah dum dum dah, dah-dah! Also, we sat near the tunnel the Utah team came in and out of and the crowd absolutely showered the Utes with deafening applause as our boys ran into the tunnel at half time. It was so loud, very fun, we had the momentum and we knew it. 

      The moment of loudness was awesome and then right after Cam got sacked but then then Money Parks got the TD right after on 3rd and 19…it felt like Ty and Aaron made it dramatic and then allowed that big play to happen, maybe not, but hey. 

      Walking through the casinos after there were duck fans, UCLA fans, Washington fans all high fiving us for beating USC- so fun.

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