How much better is acceptable next year?

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      The consensus is that Utah Basketball will be considerably better next season.  How much better is acceptable? Top X in the Pac-12? Win X games in the Pac-12 tournament? Win X games overall? Make it to the NCAA?

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      Ute Fan

      Why not now?  I am not being a complete Homer but the expectation is run through the P12 tourney or at least you know don’t lose by 20 to Oregon. 

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      Ute Fan

      I’d be ok with winning it all. We’re due on the ROI from krysko’s contract.

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      Ute Fan

      I would be happy with a top 3 finish in the Pac12 regular season, and a comparable result in the Pac12 Tourney. I don’t expect us to be world beaters next year. We’ll still be a pretty young team with only one senior of note (plummer). If the Pac12 is as strong next year as it has been this year (seems likely) we’d be a lock to get into the big dance. I’m perfectly happy with that.

      Moreso than in the win/loss column, I want to see player progression on an individual level. I want to see a team that runs it’s offensive gameplan thoughout the game, not just occasionally. I want to see guys (with the exception of Allen) put on significant amounts of muscle mass. If Carlson, Gach, and Jones don’t each come back at least 5 pounds heavier I’ll be massively disappointed. I want to see guys like Gach finish at the rim through contact, or at least not shy away from it. He has the tools to get to the basket against anyone, but he doesn’t go strong to the basket. That has to change.

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      Ute Fan

      Make the tournament. Period. However you get there, whoever does what…gotta make the tournament.
      No tournament = I’m off the Larry wagon.

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      Ute Fan

      Tourney or Bust. No more excuses. Figure it out. That’s what he gets paid for. Most teams are young in this day in age. There should be zero and I mean zero excuses for Larry next year.

      1. Top recruiting class
      2. Most of his guys who played a ton will be back next year.

      Zero Excuse.

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      Agree. No tourney, no more LK. Sad how low expectations have fallen for Ute BB. Harlan needs to step up or called out if no expectations are set. Low fan attendance, yearly transfers, and another year out of the tourney should be performance standards. Program youth is no longer an excuse.

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      Ute Fan

      Where you finish in the Pac12 means nothing. UCLA finished 2nd this season and is on the bubble. Utah has finished 3rd twice and didn’t make the tournament. I don’t care where Utah finishes in the Pac12, Larry has to make the tournament.

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      Ute Fan

      20+ wins, NCAA tournament bid. At the very worst we need to be a bubble team. Problem is, that’s with an assumption that transfers of key personnel are kept to a minimum. I could see Battin looking elsewhere: lost his starting spot late in the year to Jantunen and could be odd man out for playing time next year. His leaving wouldn’t be devastating though it’s always nice to have some depth with big guys.

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        Ute Fan

        Battin wouldn’t be that bad of a loss.  While our other sophomores have been inconsistent, Gach has had some great games and fully deserved his conference POW award announced earlier today, and Allen has had some impressive performances during the course of the season.  Battin has had some games where he finds the hot hand, but doesn’t seem to be able to take over a game in the same manner the other 2 can.  If he stays, Battin is a player that I’d expect to come off of the bench and on occasion could come out and bury a handful of shots to give us a lift.


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