How would you grade KWs hiring if coordinators?

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      Offense: D

      (not an F due to hiring Dennis Erickson.  His recruiting was a step up from what we were used to).  Troy Taylor was a CRAZY hire.  Dude wasn’t even the OC at EWU.  (Was the play caller) And Troy Taylor’s offense was polar opposite of Utah’s offensive identity of running the ball.

      Defense: B 

      Scalley…another hire from within.  Pease and Gary seemed to be the best.  

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      Ute Fan

      Offense: F (Remember, Erickson wasn’t actually the OC. He was brought in to mentor BJ.)

      Defense: B+ (would be an A if not for how Scalley is turning out.)

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      Ute Fan

      I’m not a fan of the coordinator hires from within when it’s the only school the person has ever coached at. It’s like getting your bachelor’s, masters and PhD all from the same University. Sometimes getting out and seeing a different perspective is a good thing. Maybe Whitt can find a DC who is dominating high school football.m 

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