Huntley Change at Quarterback?

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    Ute Fan

    Huntley=no touch, no accuracy, no judgement, stares down receivers, holds the ball too long, happy feet. Pull the trigger on a QB change?

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    Nope. If the receivers don’t make FIVE drops, one which was a sure touchdown, it’s a a different ballgame.

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      Ute Fan

      Thank you, Tony. Agreed. 

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      Red Dawn
      Ute Fan

      The TD drop on 4th down was awful. Good play call, poor execution

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      Ute Fan

      Can you say Huntley doesn’t put his receivers in a position to be killed? Timing is off, he and Simpkins should be unstoppable but he rarely throws to Simpkins, why?

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        He did lay some receivers out for sure.  Had some very high throws. He threw to Simpkins in double coverage on that pick. 

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      Ute Fan

      Catch the goddamn ball. Do we need to write a book about it FFS??

      Btw, the pac12 is the softest league, period. Soft soft soft. Period the end 

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        Ute Fan

        Let’s see you catch the goddamn ball when it’s coming so fast that the atmospheric friction is peeling the skin off it…

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      Ute Fan

      This is wrong. There are different throws for different routes and distances. Anyone who knows anything about playing QB knows you don’t fire a fastball on a rope to every receiver every time…

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    Ute Fan

    This offense has a lot of things that are simply bad and all have been mentioned.  WR drops/fumbles, poor playcalling, and subpar QB decision-making/accuracy all play a role.  Until I rewatch the game it’s always hard to separate frustration from reality. 

    One thing that is sticking with me:  It feels like Huntley/Taylor don’t know the difference between a Cover 2 and a Man-under (aka 2-man) and which plays to call and throws to make.  Covey and Nacua both took repeated, unnecessary shots because Huntley threw passes to the slots on simple out routes into a base cover 2 where the CBs were sitting on that route.  And we did it over and over and over.  Most teams run a player in motion to gain info on the defense, but pre snap motion is almost non-existent in this offense.  

    I’m going to try and find some time to break down the offense, if I can stomach watching that again.  I want to understand if this is short-term fixable, or requires more drastic changes.  

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      Ute Fan

      That is a great point AllnUteFan – Agree Huntley and OC were leading their receivers right into a blindside hit seemingly on every downfield pass. Something isnt right with Huntley’s recognition

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    Tyler is throwing some passes a little too hard, but if a ball hits a receiver in the hands I don’t care how fast it is going. It should be caught.  You think Carrington ever complained about a pass coming too him too fast?  He caught everything thrown within 6 feet of him.

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    Ute Fan

    This more than anything. Riley was talking during the game about the failed fourth down play at the one. They all couldn’t believe how little touch Huntley has. All he does is throw fast balls. 

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    Agree NFL QBs throw the ball very fast catch the ball. 


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