I don’t typically watch BYU Football

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      I really don’t care about them at all. However, their current uniforms in this lame ass bowl game look like Weber State uniforms? Are they going purple now? 😂🤣🥳🎉

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      Hello kitty

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      SMU defense is bad there offense is just as bad 

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      I really do not care about BYU uniforms and I don’t want to get petty like the CB does about our uniforms.  They went wild last year with our rose on the helmets or anything else we do.  It’s just one of the many ways they like to attack the Utes with meaningless garbage.  Let them do it.  I will keep my feelings about their uniforms to myself because it really doesn’t mean a thing.

      By the way, there are Ute uniforms I have loved and others I just don’t like.  The same goes for BYU and almost any other team.  It’s about the players wearing the uniforms.

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        there are Ute uniforms I have loved and others I just don’t like

        I don’t like Utah’s Ohio State -looking uniforms with the Red/Gray combo. But, if the players like them and are excited by them, that is all that matters. Most other combos I like a lot – especially the all Red – just love the Red color – especially with the shiny helmets.

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      I watched about 1/4 of this game. BYU lacks speed and athleticism. They will struggle a lot in the Big-12.

      Their uniforms looked terrible. Black only looks good when the other color is bright and offsets the black a lot – like Red/Orange/Light Green/Yellow, etc. Blue/Dark Purple, etc. look terrible in Black – just my opinion.

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