I just love projections…

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        And Utah could be a team to lookout for this season. Never been much of a ‘Homer’ but the Stars could align? Enjoy. 


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        Under Coach Whit the projection is fairly simple considering his tenure in the P12. A great season is 9 overall wins, 5-4 in the P12. Good season, 7-8 wins overall 4-5 in the P12. At NIU is not a sure win, could be first of the WTF losses Utah experiences every year. Weber sure win. BYU rivalry game always close, should be Ute win. Oregon, USC, UW, Stanford, one of the Arizona schools losses. At UCLA and at Colorado tougher games than last year. Both teams will be much better in 2018. No let down in recruiting for the schools with new coaches. Chip Kelley will have UCLA maximizing their talent. Herm Edwards makes the Devils a wild card. Too much talent with Oregon, USC, UW and Stanford. Of course I hope the Utes buck the averages and have a dream season…Go Utes!

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          Chip Kelley will have UCLA maximizing their talent. Herm Edwards makes the Devils a wild card.

          Something is fundamentally flawed at UCLA and I’m not a believer in Chip until he proves it. If I had to call it now, I’d say it’s going to be Charlie Weiss II. UCLA is one of the few teams we have a winning record against, even though they are as talented as USC and have had an NFL QB more often than not. Their level of talent should have them in the national championship conversation every year but the best they have been able to do is a couple of 10 win seasons. UCLA is downright pitiful. New boss, same as the old boss.

          Herm a wild card? Go watch his press conference and get back to me. The dude is a bumbling idiot. ASU has crash landed into the bottom of the Pac-12. Graham had a pretty good thing going there, ’14 & ’15 classes were 21 & 20. 2018 is 36th (just in front of us at 38). The big plan with Herm was to keep the ASU coaching staff together and storm ahead. Both coordinators bail! I think that tells us everything we need to know. Herm hasn’t coached college ball since 1989 at SJSU, DB coach. His first and only college gig until now.

          WSU is going to be a mess next year. Leach trying to get the hell out of there but failed, dead QB, 4 assistant coaches have left.

          Agree with you on UW, Oregon, USC and Stanford. Those 4 games determine our season.

          Edit: Damn, the caption to the pic didn’t post, It’s herm saying “is this a girl’s?”

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            Agree w/you on UCLA – but, don’t ever sleep on a team w/that much talent. Honestly, Sumlin at U of Pay is terrifying to me.

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        BYU’s ranked 76. It better not be a close game. 

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          Red Don
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          BYU’s ranked 76. It better not be a close game. 

          With the BYU-P game being moved to the end of the season and our superior depth, I believe they will regret having their “Super Bowl” being highlighted in the last game of the regular season. I don’t expect it to be close.

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            Puget Ute
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            We were beat up, injured, and missing people after the Washington game. But we came out on fire with guns blazing against CU and absolutely demoralized them in the ‘Bowl Eligibility Brawl in Boulder’.  

            The game vs byu-P  next year will not be anywhere near close.

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