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        Ute Fan

        Just watched USC game expecting to understand the slovis hype

        What I saw –
        Stanford playing not to get beat deep
        Lots of 3 step drops, quick release play calling – well called game by USC coaches – clearly designed for new
        Little pressure on slovis
        hard to tell from the cameras, but looked like he stared down his primary receiver from the snap, telegraphed each pass
        When pressured he was unremarkable
        His very talented receivers really helped his long ball percentage

        I came away way more confident given our strength on D than all the concern I read on here.

        What am I missing?

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        Ute Fan

        SC wideouts can be scary. This is one of many of our must wins as well, so we hype them up in our minds. I’m nervous about the game, but optimistic.

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        Ute Fan

        That frosh QB beat out Jack Sears and gave Daniels all he could handle preseason. Give him another game for experience with those receivers look out.

        U$C defense stepped up. They ran well to the ball.

        This team is loaded with 4*, 5* and you don’t get that kind of rating for nothing. They’ve always had huge potential, and last night I saw a bunch of superstars becoming a team.

        Trojans will be formidable in two weeks.

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        Ute Fan

        New QB could be an upgrade. Very good first game.

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        Ute Fan

        I saw a very confident QB who has great wide receivers that can create separation.  Some of his long throws were perfect.  Yes, they took great catches, but he put the ball in a place where the receiver could bring it down.

        I do agree that when he was under pressure, he was less effective.  I think the key with any young QB is to pressure him.  We have some great DBs, but the best one in the conference may be at Stanford.

        This kid looked great last night IMO, but who knows what will happen after he takes a few hits.

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          Ute Fan

          Utah has to come out swinging and make USC quit. MAKE THEM QUIT!!

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          Ute Fan

          Do they have the best DB’s? I thought that’s was us and Washington last year, this year is still TBD.

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            Ute Fan

            They have a very good DB. Utah has the best DB’s. 

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              Ute Fan

              Sigh… you sound very zoobish.

              Eagle Mountain is in Provo – correct? 

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          Matthew Thomas Castleton
          Ute Fan

          EVERY quarterback is less effective when they are pressured. That’s why you do it. It’s how you stop passing attacks. It’s how Utah stopped NIU’s passing attack in the 2nd half. Once they started dialing up pressure more, it made Ross Bowers much less effective as a passer. They did the same thing against BYU, which is why Zach Wilson wasn’t very effective. It’s the key to stopping passing attacks. When under pressure, people tend to make not as good decisions and they make mistakes. 

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