I was wrong about Browning not getting sacked all night

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    Micah Montgomery
    Ute Fan

    He was sacked only once. I was wrong in saying he wouldn’t be sacked all night so I’m here to man up and eat crow. Pile it on folks.

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    So honorable. Next time we play Washington (or anyone), I hope we have an offense that works. 

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    Ute Fan

    No, you’re here to troll and be an ass.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be too excited about your oline play if I were you. We may have only had one sack, but we consistently hurried Browning and forced him into some bad mistakes…once we decided to actually apply pressure.  You could point out that Gaskin tore it up the entire game, but I’d argue that he only averaged 3.4 ypc after that first drive, which is nothing to write home about.  Our defense had a great game, and I expect Washington to drop a couple more games as the season goes on.  Your oline and qb play are hopig to hold you back IMO. 

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      Micah Montgomery
      Ute Fan

      Your defense is rock solid. Utah will be good once you get a decent throwing quarterback just like UW. Browning is holding the Dawgs back from being great


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