I would feel better about Utah’s future

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      If Chris Hill was running things…

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      I have nothing to back this up but I would be willing to put money on the fact that he is indeed involved. I am sure they have brought him in as a consultant to help because you know he developed a s**t ton of contacts with a lot of the schools that go very deep over the years he was at Utah. Getting into the Pac 12 was the result of those contacts and those relationships he built.

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      Utah just went to the Rose Bowl and is a likely top 10 team this coming year. There is no way a team on that kind of run is going to find itself without a chair when the music stops. We’re also an AAU school, which matters more than anyone thinks.

      Also, the position of AD is in very good hands. Harlan is a very good salesman, and this is a sales job. Also, the university president has a lot to do with conference realignment. We’re also in good hands there.

      I don’t know where or when, but Utah will be just fine.

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        Michelle Bodkin said on her radio show she spoke with someone she trusts and that person said if something doesn’t happen before the season starts, Utah really needs to show out this year. The media is ranking them high so they need to prove it on the field.

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          Yep. This year is basically an audition for the Big10.

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      Also, in the last 2 days Utah has gotten two significant commits – one each from Florida and Texas. Would that have happened if there wasn’t good news coming down the line? I guarantee that conference affiliation was the first question the coaches have gotten the last couple of days. Apparently their answers are satisfactory.

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      Yep.  I’d said pretty much close to the same thing just 2-days ago

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      like it or not Mark Harlan is the most important AD in Utah history. Hopefully we made the right hire..

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