If Huntley is healthy

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    He should play in the bowl game. Shelley gave his all. I have nothing against him, but IMO Huntley is the better leader.   I hope Covey is Okay. 

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    Ute Fan

    Whitt says it sounds like a pretty serious knee injury 😩

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    Tim Juice
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    Absolutely, Shelley doesn’t have it. F**k it play Lisk if not nothing else to lose at this pint. 

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      Matthew Thomas Castleton
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      Well, ya know, Huntley ALSO struggled against Washington. So have a lot of other teams. Hell, Washington State and their juggernaut offense only put up 15 points against Washington. Washington has an elite defense, and their numbers prove it. They’re the only team in the Pac-12 ahead of Utah in scoring defense. Perhaps toy should cut the guys since slack eh?

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      Ute Fan

      Shelley’s pass was F’n perfect to #8. Asinine receiver.


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