Interesting comparing NET and Sagarin Predictor…

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    Ute Fan

    I am a fan of Sagarin Predictor (SP); it has a pretty good track record if you want to predict the winner of Team A vs Team B.   If you look at the Pac-12 in SP the rankings are:
    Oregon 43 83.11
    Wash    48 82.43
    Ariz St. 51 81.92
    Ariz      56 80.74  (bubble)
    Colo     67 79.67  (out)

    That said, SP didn’t seem to do a good job predicting Pac-12 order of finish. Sadly these suggest that any Pac-12 team that gets in won’t survive the first game, certainly no Pac-12 team will make it to the Sweet 16.

    In NET, that the NCAA Committee is supposedly relying on, they are currently ranked

    Wash   40
    Oregon 61 (bubble)
    Ariz St 67 (out)
    Colo  69
    Ariz   94

    NET is clearing killing the Pac-12; the Pac-12 better figure out NET for scheduling and do well in Nov and Dec; getting hot in Feb-Mar is not what it used to be.

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    Ute Fan

    An issue with NET: If the rankings presented on the following web site are legit:

    Somehow Grand Canyon is ranked higher than Utah

    School           Q1    Q2    Q3  Q4

    GC    (93)      0-3   0-5   6-3  11-1
    Utah (101)     1-5   5-6   6-2   5-0

    Have no idea how that worked.  GC has zero quality wins, while Utah has either 1 or 6, depending on how you view Q2.   NET does factor margin of victory, but only up to a 10-pt win.   Still 5-6 in Q2 ought to be better than 0-5 Q2 and 11-1 vs Q4.


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