It seems like designated Troy Williams runs could be useful 3-4 times a game.

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        Boot legs, quarterback draw/delay, etc., saving them for critical moments vs CU, the Pac-12 Championship, and The Rose Bowl.

        When one yard or less is required, the quarterback sneak, especially with an O-line of decent quality like the Utes have, is almost impossible to stop, successful at something like 95% of the time.

        Is the University of Colorado CU instead of UC so they’re not confused with Cal.


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        If only the quarter back could go under center for one of these “sneaks” you refer to. I think it is against the rules or something. At least for Utah only I have seen other people run under center. (I am being an ass)


        Well I want them to retire the read option s**t permanently. TWill doesn’t run it well and never gets anyone to bite. He isn’t very good at the mesh point at all or pitches where his hips are not square. Play action is where it is at you are getting teams like ASU to bite hard. I recall on OC and Swinney they said it takes too long to develop. They doubted we would see it. Well I think the play action killed it for points. People are afraid of Joe like crazy. Seemed to set up his second half runs as well. You don’t rush for almost 1000 yards in like four games and don’t garner some part of respect for him. 

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