Just for fun – a Utah sports quiz (Try it without searching on-line)

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    1.  In Utah football history – who was the Umbrella Man?

    2.  What years did Utah play in the Final-Four?

    3.  What was the Einer Nielsen Fieldhouse?

    4.  When Utah played in the 1964 Liberty Bowl – what made that game a first in college football history?

    5.  In the 1980s – Utah trailed Wyoming in the WAC tourney by a point with 1 second left and Wyoming had the ball out of bounds.  How did Utah win that game?

    6.  Name every Utah football coach from Ike Armstrong to Kyle Whittingham.

    7.  Who came up with the phrase “Utah by 5” ?

    8.  Who was the color man for Bill Marcroft during the 1970s?

    9.  Who was the play-by-play guy for Utah before Marcroft?

    10.  Who was the play-by-play guy before that?

    If you can answer all of these questions without using the web – you are probably as old or older than me

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    Ute Fan

    I might be able to get 4 of these without Google.

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    Ute Fan

    2.  44, 61, 66, 98

    3.  Home of the Running Redskins before the Hunty opened, building still stands north of Rice-Eccles.

    4.  First bowl game played indoors.

    5. Wyoming threw ball out of bounds without being touched.  Utah inbounded to Manny Hendrix who turned and hit the winning shot.

    7.  Tom Barberi  “trust me”

    9/10  Bill Howard (voice of the Utah Stars) was play by play before Marcroft, but not sure if he was the immediate predecesor or not.


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      Ute Fan

      Excellent.  Bill Howard was just before Marcroft.  WHo was before him?

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    Ute Fan

    #4 First bowl game played indoors, in Atlantic City, NJ.



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