Just heard: Solomon Enis is transferring

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      I’m hearing Utah State, but can’t confirm.

      Really sucks that we can’t figure out how to use receivers. It’s not a mystery why we can’t bring in any big time WR recruits. Gotta hope one of the two four-star pro-style QBs can make a difference next year.

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        If true that is brutal. Before seeing your post, I (just minutes ago) created a post stating I’ve felt all season long that Enis has been under utilized. 

        Truly unfortunate, but not surprising if true…

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      USU… Bwahahaha come on you can do better than that, ASU would have been more believable.

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        Central Coast Ute
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        If you cant make it at Utah, another P5 team most likely isn’t going to pick you up. usu, CSU, SDSU would all make sense.

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      If true not surprised. Kid thinks he’s an NFL wIde Receiver. I don’t think he is. Mariner left and had a good year but was irrelevant. Oh well. Next man up. Hey someone in here who isn’t going to b*** and non about touches.

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      USU? Really? How will it be any better there with Love gone? I have a feeling things will be differnet in the passing game next year with Rising/Bentley, esp with no legitimate running back like Moss.

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        USU .. from Twitter it’s Penn State

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          After the way he played here, I’m not sure Penn St. Would take him.

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            Because his dad has some pull at Penn state

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