Ludwig does not move the needle

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    Lets all face it: Ludwig might as well be a random nobody hire.  He is the Vanderbilt OC where he has done nothing special.  He did nothing hugely special at Wisconsin.  Or San Diego State.  Or Cal.  The list goes on.  Is he acceptable?  I guess.  Is he an improvement?  No.

    What Ludwig does offer is family ties to Utah.  So maybe he doesnt leave after one season.  But honestly, at this point, who even cares?

    What a Ludwig hire signals to all: Whit has made such a dumpster fire of the OC position that no one wants to touch it with a ten foot pole.

    I just hope this is a BS tweet rumour.

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    One more way to look it: Is Ludwig an upgrade to Taylor? I think the answer is no.

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    considering that the OC’s that move the needle wouldn’t be at Utah long term, I’m not sure what fans expect? Taylor would still be here if not for moving, Chow might still be here if not for getting the Hawaii job? Clearly Whitt realizes too much damage has been done offensively because of instability on the offensive side of the staff and is looking to shore that up.

    Pick your poison, do you want a less than flashy hire who makes his home here, or a candidate like Sark who’s gone after a year?

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      Utah fans will never be happy offensively unless it is Urban.
      I remember some people knocking the Chow hire because ironically he had never been a head coach.

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      I would take 1-2 years of Sark in a heartbeat. It gives us great recruiting momentum going into what should be a good year of results on the field.

      Good programs have staff move on all the time. Not at the recent rate of our OCs, but staff turnover should not be automatically perceived as bad. Unfortunately, the recent mismanagement of the OC position makes a mediocre but potentially long-term hire look attractive. I think thats a mirage.

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        so would the Porcipine Pub

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    Why would Sark come to Utah?
    You’re crazy if you think for 1 second he was really going to Coach at Utah for 750,000 a year when he can make double that as an NFL OC

    He may have interviewed with Utah and Utah May have offered the job but he was never going to take it.

    Utah had to shoot for the Moon or Whit wouldn’t be doing his job.

    You guys bring up all these names that Utah should be considering but you forget interest has to be mutual.

    There is no reason to believe Zac Hill or David Yost were or would be interested in Coaching at Utah

    Everyone wants a Ferrari but usually ends up buying the Toyota.

    Ludwig is a good Coach and a decent hire.

    He is being handed the keys to a championship caliber Pac-12 not MWC team.

    Let’s see what he can do with it.

    All this talk about how Sark would improve recruiting. Blah blah blah.

    Sark cheated his ass off at Washington with Tosh Loupi. USC is USC my grandmother could sign a top 5 class at USC. Same at Alabama when he was there.

    So what proof do we have that he is a master recruiter?

    So much more goes into signing kids then just Coaches and winning but that’s all anyone see on the surface.

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    There were many, including myself, who were intrigued by the idea that Utah went after Rich Rodriguez. I expect if he had been successful, or if he is successful at Ole Miss, he would take a HC job if offered; so one or two years as an OC. Turnover again, albeit expected. And I expect Sark and McKoy might be similarly offered opportunities if they are successful. Turnover, albeit expected.

    Does Ludwig then provide a happy alternative? If successful after two years would he be offered a better opportunity than the OC at Utah. I’m thinking no. No turnover.

    Lots of ifs, but something I would consider if I were Coach Whittingham and the AD.


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