Man there’s a lot of downers…

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    Big time Ute fan at work literally thinks we’re gonna lose this game by 3 TD’s this week. Says he’s done after their last game! Holy hell people. Really? After one game. We didn’t really expect to win that game did we? Let’s get some positive vibes going for these boys this week. Utes for the win! 

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    Wilson’s Mustache
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    He’s going to go back to rooting for BYU because they have a lofty Ranking of #20!

    and then he’ll be a USU fan after they lose to UW.

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    I can relate to how he is feeling. It’s not just the “one” game. It’s the crapy performance from the previous two that just reinforced our fears that the offense sucks. Not to mention that the likelihood of seeing an improvement, that actually gives them a fighting chance with their upcoming games, is very unlikely.

    I’ll probably won’t watch the game in order to save my family from being around an A-hole. I just get too invested in my Utes and when they lose I take it pretty hard. Sometimes I think it’s just easier to walk away rather than truly root for my team.

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      Ute Fan

      I love my Utes and am probably TOO invested at this point.  Do I WANT to believe that we’re going to turn things around so we can keep up in a shootout?  HELL YES. 

      But that’s my heart talking.

      My head says that there are too many things to fix right now and even if we do fix them, is the basic offensive philosophy one that can win a game against Wazzou, Oregon, USC, Stanford, Arizona St & Colorado?  Sorry, but no.  Not based on what I’ve seen the past couple of games.

      That said, I like my crow with a side of asparagus.  I’ll happily eat that meal.

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    Pace Manyung
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    I think the downers recognize that the cronic kwhitt problems that everyone claimed had been fixed, are in fact not fixed and omnipresent.

    This is kwhitt’s cross to bear.  Like 12 years.

    Utah might win this weekend, but we all know it will be with an ugly, knife fight effort.  That’s good enough for 6-7 wins and a low level bowl win.  But I think I speak for most Ute fans that it’s time for a change.  I’m willing to take the risk.



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      Ute Fan

      Please don’t try to speak for most Ute fans, I doubt most Ute fans have been calling for Whits head for the last 12 seasons, I doubt most are calling for it now.

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    I defended them after NIU. Against Washington who allegedly has a better defense Utah had chances and just totally s**t the bed. 

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    Yep, definitely not the product of one bad game. It’s the product of having read this same book over and over. One offensive touchdown in two games! The best receiving corps we’ve had in a long time…

    Add to that the officiating and the replay booth and the oddball targeting enforcement and I can see why people are over it.


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