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      Some thoughts on Utah’s chances to ever win the south.

      The time for Utah to win the south was DEFINITELY last year. When you beat both LA schools and both Arizona schools in the same year, you need to win the south. The problem is Utah wet the bed against Colorado, and overlooked Oregon (don’t even get me started on the Cal game). 

      Barry Switzer talks about how in college football teams play 3-4 games better than they are, 3-4 games worse than they are, and 3-4 games about how they are. For Utah to win, those 3-4 games in each category must line up just so. The 3-4 better games must line up against USC and north contenders, the 3-4 about how they are must line up with other mediocre south teams, and the 3-4 worse must line up with cupcake out of conference games. If the 3-4 games line up any other way, Utah will not win the south.

      To be honest, I was never sold on Huntley getting the job over Williams. I think Troy Williams is just a straight up guy and a great leader for a team like Utah, a team that leans heavily on NFL talent to compete. Everyone loves and respects this guy. I wanted to see Huntley get up and throw 5 touchdowns and 0 interceptions against North Dakota to be sold on him. He is a great QB and I’m sure a great guy, I just mean to say that Troy Williams was good enough to come oh so close last year.

      One final thought. We must soon bid farewell to the most beautiful of all statistics. Up to this point, there were only 5 teams that have been ranked in ALL CFP rankings since it’s inception:

      Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Florida State, Utah

      We can take consolation in the fact that when the rankings come out this year, only 3 teams will have that distinction, all of which have won the CFP at one point.

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      Huntley’s passing stats were better than any other PAC-12 QB to start the year. 

      There is no argument that he wasn’t the right choice. 

      Troy Williams is very overrated among Ute fans. He’s a great guy but he had a team with 18 NFL players and Lowell, Chase, etc and was terrible in the red zone. 

      We won 9 games because Troy wasn’t good. Had we had an average QB, we would have won 11+. 

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        “Troy Williams is very overrated…” 
        Now that is indeed HILARIOUS! SMFH. 
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        There is a lot more to a winning QB than “passing stats”. We were STILL terrible in the red zone with the best “passing stat” QB in the league through 2 games. 70+ percent passing is a deceptive stat when you only throw 5 yards or less down the field. Through Utah’s first 3 games we connected on a single deep pass and that was on a broken play. Williams strength, the deep ball, suits this team better. Look at the USC game as a blueprint. He took a bunch of deep shots connected on a couple and drew PI on a couple. As a result the run game benefited by a defensive secondary that was off LOS a bit. That’s a fair argument that Williams is the better choice. Not saying I agree with it but at this point you can’t say that Huntley is clearly the best choice.

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