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        Linebackers were great.

        We seem to not be containing well on the edges. On WSU’s outside runs there seemed to be nobody home. Not seeing much of a rush from the outside either.

        Our DB’s are often giving large cushions, even at or past the first down marker. Used to seeing tighter coverage. Probably because of injuries and trying to prevent the long ball.  That said, right when we were discussing the big cushion at the game, we make a pick 6. 


        Eliminate the turnovers and the game could have won by 2-3 more TD’s. 

        Need to get the receivers more involved. Not much in terms of stretching the defense. Not many long passes, but the one down the right sideline toward the south endzone was a beauty.

        Offensive line is improving but has a long way to go. Long. 

        Special Teams

        Kickoffs were finally good. We should eliminate the possibility of a runback by kicking it out of the end zone every time. We’ve proven our kick cover isn’t great so why not?

        Covey is great. Glad we have him for another 12 years.

        The missed FG was a mojo killer. 


        We struggled for most of the game against a mediocre team. This has me quite worried. Much more talented opponents are coming up on the schedule. UCLA, USC, Oregon, ASU, Washington….

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        Setting the edge: Carlton has been doing a better job than Van so far but both are improving. Holding could have been called every time WSU ran Tafua’s way he was getting hooked so bad. In the future, he’s going to need to get separation from the lineman so that the refs can call it, even if he doesn’t have a chance to make the tackle.

        With Furey, Reid, Van and X, I think there is some confusion on who is responsible for contain and when. I saw Tafua forcing the tackle inside like he was expecting an LB to have flat coverage a couple of times so I’m sure that would normally get cleaned up over the bye week. Van stopped a couple of yards in the backfield when Hall converted the 4th and 11, but I felt like he’s had better awareness since.

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        Totally agree on the kickoffs/coverage. I noticed that Noyes kind of took over after Redding’s 30ish yard miss. He seems to have the leg on kickoffs, so I’m wondering if the job is his now? He is related to Matt Gay via marriage.

        Btw thanks for all you do Tony! I’ll swing by the tailgate one of these days 🤙

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