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      the team should be singing Utah Man and lighting the U in front of the NEZ after games. That entire wrap around fills up (way before the rest of the stadium hits their max) and stays full long after a lot of other sections have started to empty. They are the loudest. No contest. Every game ive gone to has been in various sections behind the Utah sideline. Theyve all had a spattering of fans who are loud and into it and trying to get the rest of the section to make some/any noise. But NEZ is packed with those fans

      The MUSS was strong in its day and is still…relatively decent? But for a top 10 team in the November CFP discussion they have been weak as s**t. I know this is the less exciting home slate year of our rotation but i still expect way more from a student section in a season like this and it seems to be on a steady decline. 

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      Long live the NEZ!!!!

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      Nah, the MUSS is their peers, so fitting they celebrate with whoever is there.

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      College football should still focus on students whenever possible. Therefore, celebrations should be in front of the MUSS.

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      A lot of the players do run down to the NEZ when they take the field at the beginning of each half and raise their arms to the fans.  And when the action is at that end of the field when we’re on defense, there is good interaction between the NEZ fans and players.

      MUSS does seem to be losing a bit of its steam this year.  I do recognize that the students like to move down and squeeze into the lower rows, but in past years, I don’t remember such a large area of completely open benches at the top like we’re seeing this season.

      But it is great that whatever end the action is at, there’s a lot of supportive fans cheering the team on.




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      MUSS interest is waning. In the past MUSS tickets used to sell out the day they became available. More often than not crashing the site due to the overload. Haven’t heard a story like that in years. Last year, MUSS sales dropped off to the point that a promo was offered that allowed only MUSS members to attend a closed to the public (and closed to season ticket holders) fall scrimmage in RES. I was p**sed so I wrote the ADs office. Here is an excerpt of the reply:

      Thank you for reaching out. This year there has been a unique situation with the MUSS, the student section is not soldout and there has been a massive push to obtain more members for the upcoming football season. The practice was an incentive to increase participation in the MUSS and come to the games. In the future we will continue to look at opportunities for donors, season tickets holders and fans to interact with the teams.

      Attendance is waning across the country. Big reason our expansion was “only” to 51K.

      I have no clue what the results were for MUSS sales 2019 and if it included any promos, but I suspect the numbers are slightly down.

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