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        Ute Fan

        We need another game to know much about this team.  It is hard to start the season against a ranked team that has already played twice and is USC.  We will always have a talent deficit with USC it is only a question how much.  This is just not a good first game challenge for a young team with so many new faces.

         It will take another opponent to determine if the OL is below average or just not ready for USC.  Another game to see if we can run the ball when not facing a good DL using all their stunts and very determined to stop the run.  Can the offense take off when not getting run blitzes that turn into effective QB pressure?

        Another game will tell us if we are just second to USC in the south or are we a young team will a lot of growing that needs to be done.

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        Ute Fan

        We’ll have a talent deficit with USC at certain positions, but we lost the game by losing the turnover battle. We gave them some easy ones. Fumble deep in the shadow of your own end zone multiple times is gifting points.

        I need to get this out: USC has some real douche players, pretty boys, they like to celebrate routine tackles like they just won the super bowl or if the QB for Utah makes an errant incompletion they start dancing when they didn’t even do anything. I don’t think they’re a top team and unless they improve, they will get rolled by another top 20 team.

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          There’s nothing much more annoying than football players over-celebrating run-of-the-mill plays.  This is what makes teams very douchey.  byu is the king of this and USC is right up there. 

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        Central Coast Ute
        Ute Fan

        The Utes seemed sluggish to me. I’m hoping much of that was due to having covid and not being able to eat or work out much. Hopefully they can recover and have more energy. Especially on the o line.

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