New Poll suggestion?

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      Ute Fan


      Basically I am curious where everyone is setting their expectations since the announcement.

      I talked to my group and some see it as undefeated or one loss type season. With a huge caveat of if Rising is playing at or near his 22 level.

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      Ute Fan

      I think undefeated is entirely possible this year with the way the schedule lines up. But it’s really tough for any team in any power league to go undefeated. IMO, I would expect us to slip up in 1 or maybe 2 games.

      That said, I would say the floor for this year is 10-2, the expectation is 11-1, and obviously the ceiling is 12-0.

      I will say with the new 12 team playoff, it’s far more important that we win the CCG than going 12-0 or 11-1. In other words, I’d rather see Utah go 9-3 but win the CCG than finish 11-1 and lose the CCG. The only guarantee for a CFP birth for the B12 is winning the conference.

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      Ute Fan

      I expect a one loss or undefeated season as well. But I think that it may change a bit, people can get injured or not meet expectations so that is what it is at for now.

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      Tony (admin)

      I’m up for a new poll. We usually do a season record prediction poll in the offseason.

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